Friday, June 28, 2013

Bridal Gown Advice From Fara Couture

Advice on how to choose the perfect gown for you from a preferred wedding supplier and client of The Bride's DiaryFara Couture

"As a fashion designer (now focusing primarily on bridal gowns), I see many good-looking girls who come to see me for their dream wedding dress.

I have been noticing the brides who have a good body shape are actually having a hard time finding their dream dress. They gradually get very confused, which makes shopping harder for them. I know it sounds strange but because anything they put on suits them, it makes the decision harder. One minute they like soft and flowing and other minute they like structure and volume.

I would suggest first to look at the websites of 5-6 bridal shops. By going through their websites, you get a feel of their quality and style. If the designers style suites you, make an appointment and go to personally and meet the designer or the sales person. See close up the gowns, feel the fabrics, quality and ask questions.

Find out what sort of look are you after which suite your wedding which may be either off the rack or custom made.

Buy it off the rack - what you see is what you get. It typically involves alteration and this is the hidden cost for you. Bear this is mind if you have a budget for your gown. Also off the rack is a more commercial look as you can find it in different shops and web sites, but if you love what you see then its easier for you to pick the gown.

Couture designer gown – this can be designed customised just for you. You can have any colour, shape and detailing and no hidden costs like alterations. It can be more expensive than off the rack but it is a one off and more personalised for you to match your wedding. It has higher quality in fabrics and looks more expensive. I would suggest you see the reviews of the designer who will makes your gown to ensure this extra investment is well spent as when you start the process it is too late to back out halfway. As your designer will work with you it is much easier to create that “dream dress” using their experience and your vision.

So after you find out what sort of look and style you are after, then try some gowns on in each shop to see which suits your look.

In a couple of weeks when you have had time to reflect, make another appointment in one day to go and try on all the gowns. If this does not help and again you are stuck as you love them all, JUST LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND YOUR FEELINGS, which one makes you feel the BEST about yourself, which one is more YOU, which one brings out more your PERSONALITY, which one is more COMFORTABLE, which one is gives you an amazing feeling...

You are the only one who knows what makes you feel when you put your gown on.

I hope I have helped you on the path to finding your dream gown."

Love Fara Almasi – Fara Bridal Couture Perth


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